EG Products, Inc

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The conditions of sale stated herein shall be an integral part of any contract resulting from a purchase order placed upon EG Products, Inc.  Any statement made on any form by purchaser shall not operate to defeat the intent of these conditions unless specifically agreed upon in writing by EG Products Inc.

  1. Acceptance: All purchase orders are subject to acceptance by an authorized employee of EG Products at its corporate office.
  2.  Prices:
    • Firm Offer: All quoted prices are firm for acceptance within thirty (30) days of the offering unless otherwise stated. All prices are F.O.B. shipping point unless expressly stated otherwise to the contrary or agree upon in writing by EG Products, Inc.  Shipping restrictions, such as approval holds, will subject the order to escalation as affected by EG Products, Inc.
    • Taxes and other Charges: A quoted prices are subject to additions which may be necessary to cover any duty tax or charge (now existing or hereafter imposed by government authorities) upon equipment or services quoted by EG Products Inc.
    • Error: EG Products Inc reserves the right to correct all typographical or clerical errors or omissions which may be present in its prices or specifications.
    • Escalation: All quoted prices are based on deliveries as defined in the offering.  EG Products, Inc. reserves the right to make partial deliveries of equipment/product as it becomes available, unless specified otherwise in the offering or agreed upon in writing by EG Products, Inc.
    • Insurance: EG Products, Inc will not insure shipments beyond that typically provided by the carrier, unless so instructed by the purchaser in writing and at the purchaser’s expense.
  3. Payment Terms: Payment shall be made within thirty days from the date of the invoice unless EG Products, Inc specifies in the offering, or subsequently in writing that modified payments apply. EG Products, Inc retains a security interest in the goods supplied to secure payment of the purchase price. The purchaser agrees to cooperate with EG Products, Inc in protecting this security interest.
  4. Cancellation: Purchaser may cancel his order by written notice provided purchaser pays cancellation charges on the basis of the unrecoverable cost incurred by EG Products, Inc and/or its suppliers. Return of good for credit will not be permitted without prior written approval and issuance of a return authorization reference number.
  5. Documentation and Services: Drawings, literature, and any other services required in addition to that normally provided by EG Products, Inc and the manufacturer will be added to the quoted prices.
  6. Delivery: Shipping schedules are approximate and are based upon the conditions present at the time of quotation and the prompt receipt of all necessary information to process the order. EG Products Inc shall not be liable for loss or damage from delay in delivery.  Shipping weights are approximate.
  7. Warranty: The warranty on good supplied will be restricted to that granted by the manufacturer of the goods and services supplied, and that shall constitute the sole remedy of the purchaser. In no event shall EG Products, Inc liability exceed the amount of the price paid by the purchaser of the product.
  8. Liability: EG Products, Inc. shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damage, either real or alleged, without limitation regardless of cause. Purchaser agrees to indemnify and save harmless EG Products Inc for all loss, cost, or damage incurred by EG Products, Inc or its suppliers as a result of purchaser’s or third parties misuses or misapplication of EG Products Inc supplied products.
  9. Substitution: Our suppliers are continuously involved in product improvement programs. Therefore, model changes and modifications may occur at any time, and EG Products, Inc reserves the right to substitute newer models on orders where appropriate, unless expressly instructed by the purchaser not to do so.
  10. Additional Terms: In addition to the specific terms and condition contained in this document, the terms, conditions, and practices of the manufacture of good and services provided will be applicable to this offering. The agreement deemed to be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois